Crowdsale ended Dec 13, 2017 13:00 (CET)

  • Presale
  • Tier I
  • Tier II
 GET sold  ETH raised   total  Contributions
  • Tier I Now

  • 30% of crowdsale
  • 655,81 GET/ETH
  • 750 ETH cap in tier
  • 7.380.000 GET total
  • Tier II Now

  • 31% of crowdsale
  • 626,00 GET/ETH
  • 1000 ETH cap in tier
  • 7.456.568 GET total
  • Tier III Now

  • 2.5% of crowdsale
  • 586,04 GET/ETH
  • 1250 ETH cap in tier
  • 607.743 GET total
  • Tier IV Now

  • 1.5% of crowdsale
  • 562,12 GET/ETH
  • 1500 ETH cap in tier
  • 382.122 GET total

How the crowdsale works

  1. Get in line by entering your public etherwallet address.

    Your address will be added to the ICO contract while you wait. Do not use an exchange address such as Bittrex or Poloniex. Don't have a wallet yet? Read here how to create one.

  2. Wait until it’s your turn.

    Don’t worry about losing your spot in line. Whatever you do, we’ll remember your spot during the entire ICO. You also get an e-mail when it’s your turn or a new tier is due.

  3. Send Ether to address on your screen.

    Only use this address! We do not communicate the contract address in any other way. Set the gas limit to 250.000. Without a spot in the queue participation is not possible, so sharing the address is useless.

  4. Receive your GET-tokens.

    After confirmation, the GET-tokens will appear in your wallet immediately. The tokens will be non-transferable until the ICO and subsequent audit are concluded, which will happen 20 days after the ICO has been finalised.

Crowdsale ended Dec 13, 2017 13:00 (CET)

Frequently Asked Questions



GET Token

  • You will receive GET corresponding to the amount contributed immediately after your contribution has been sent to the contract. However, you won't immediately see the GET in your wallet, you first have to add it as a token in your wallet (check out next question). Please keep in mind that although you see your GET in your wallet, you can not move/trade it, since that will become possible 20 days after the end of the general crowdsale.

  • In order for the GET you received in your wallet to be actually visible, you need to add a custom token to your wallet. Enter the contract address, number of decimals (18) and add the token symbol (GET). You can read more about that in our blogpost: How to add the GET to your wallet.

  • The general crowdsale will commence on November 15th. On the 20th day after this general crowdsale has finalized, you will be able to send your GET tokens. Trading, selling or moving your tokens from the address you received them on will not be able before this date.

  • First of all, no need to be alarmed! There are several 'things' that can be going on. Most probably the transaction is pending and waiting to be added to the blockchain. This can take some time. It could also be that the sale is sold out and you are returned your contribution. If that is the case, try again in one of the following tiers.

Crowdsale ended Dec 13, 2017 13:00 (CET)

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